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Architectural Visualisation (otherwise known as Architectural rendering, Arch Viz, CGI, Property Render or Artist Impression) is an invaluable tool to ensure off plan sales where properties are at the earliest stages of development.

Architectural visualisation bridges the gap from concept to reality by using a wide range of graphical rendering techniques to create photorealistic images in order to allow various stakeholders visualise properties that don’t yet exist. You can create a basic 2D outline that shows local authorities how your project will fit into an existing space, or craft fully immersive virtual reality worlds for prospective homeowners.

Arch viz utilises powerful rendering techniques to perfectly capture elements of the physical world, such as the way sunlight interacts with water or a table lamp creates subtle shadows in a room. The images created are the product of several high powered computers working in sync to process each pixel on an image.

Architectural visualisation can push concepts further into reality by introducing elements of true, lived-in spaces such as cars, people, plants, and movement – maybe a few leaves ruffling in the wind, or a fire crackling in the fireplace. These little details can often make all the difference when it comes to aspirational selling and marketing.

Our list of services include Architectural CGI Exteriors, Architectural Interior CGIs, Virtual Property Tours, Walk-through Animations, Verified Views and more.

Not sure what you need? See below for a comprehensive list of our architectural visualisation services


Photorealistic images sell properties by selling a property’s potential. This allows prospective buyers and investors to get as close as possible to reality by seeing an image of the finished development or property.

Beyond aspirational usage for selling, architectural visualisation also has deeply practical applications, helping architects and property developers create more accurate and realistic plans for development. Photomontages and videos overlayed with real-world photographs and clips show developers the impact of structures and design decisions in reality. Mistakes can be caught pre-construction, allowing developers and firms to correct course and avoid costly renovations and objections in the future.

These highly accurate, photo-realistic visuals allow designers and architects to play with reality like clay. You can instantly change aesthetic details, like the colour or texture of a wall, or the number of bushes in a front garden. This can help get immediate feedback from clients, which will be especially useful when pitching projects, where speed is key to landing contracts. Architects can mould buildings and spaces to the exact specifications of clients, cutting into the time spent volleying design approvals back and forth.

This is one of the major benefits of using architectural visualisation; it puts all stakeholders on the same page. It used to be that marketers, project decision makers, and city authorities saw wildly different versions of proposed properties and buildings. With CGIs, the same vision is communicated to all stakeholders, as well as prospective buyers or investors further down the line.



We create architectural 3D models with physically accurate materials. These can also include 3D cars, trees and planting. These are then rendered and post processed for colour correction and to add details such as people.


Using your plans, we create detailed architectural 3D models and use your material schedules, lighting plans and interior designs to create photo-realistic interior renders. We can even model up bespoke furnishings and fittings.


For sensitive planning applications, you may need to show your development in context of a photograph. Using real-world survey / scanning techniques, we can demonstrate accuracy of the image(s) in your submission.


Using photography taken by us or supplied by you, we can match the CGI lighting and position to the source photography. Once rendered, we mask areas of the CGI to create a convincing re-imagined photograph.


For marketing, fundraising or public consultation, a fly-through animation can communicate an entire development’s scale, design and function. This can also include music, graphics and credits or be included in an overall video presentation.


We render 360° panoramas of richly detailed 3D scenes. These can then be used with 3rd party applications / plugins to create ‘street-view’ style dynamic images. These can also be rendered in stereo for use with VR headsets.


By working with us, you will have many powerful tools at your disposal, allowing you to create images of your properties in stunningly realistic detail. Ultimately, what you choose will depend on your purpose. You may want to create 360 tours to virtually putting your customers inside their new home or a mock-up to show the city council for permissions, or marketing materials for expos and showcases. Whatever the scale and scope of your project, we can help.


We have worked with Ocean CGI for over 10 years and wouldn’t use anyone else – Their quality, cost and service are unbeatable.

Damien Kearsley, Coalition Land, London

Joe and his team have delivered on some superb internal and external CGIs for our new build developments. Their efficiency, speed and communication have been first rate too. I would highly recommend their value for money services.

Mark Saltmarsh, MJ Saltmarsh Building

Whenever we entrust Ocean CGI with our Architectural Visualisation work the results are always stunning. I would highly recommend them.

Paul Knox, Managing Director, Pearce Construction

Ocean CGI just ‘get it’. As a high end brand, we need a level of experience and skill to beautifully present our products before they are made and launched. Would highly recommend these guys

Louisa Jenkins Sales & Marketing Director, Eskimo


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