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Great to see our images in this BBC news article;

Alternate view from across the harbour

Quayside North Verified View from the Harbour.

Our studio formed a key part of the planning application for this prominent development in Douglas on the site of the old bus station. The images were then used for publicity and marketing. Commissioned by Aros Architects on  behalf of Kane Ltd, we were a key part of the design stage as we initially assisted by providing incremental images whereby we could test out various design features, colours and materials until the final combination was decided upon. We then incorporated the finished 3d imagery into the site photography to produce visualisations from key viewpoints around the proposed site.

As time was tight, we made the best use of local photographers, on-line OS map resources and file-sharing, to bring this job to completion on time, in budget and to a high level of realism and accuracy. All this was done remotely from our offices in Devon and Bristol, and unusually for a project of this scale, we performed the entire job, without a single site visit or even a single meeting with the architects.

Getting out of the office and producing our own photography and survey information is the part of the job we enjoy the most but when time is of the essence, it is thanks to recent innovations in online resources and collaboration that we don’t have to compromise the end result if we can’t get there ourselves.