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BBC technology programme Click highlights the value of 360° Virtual Reality for architecture with the technology and processes being used in a new BBC home make over show.

Using Samsung Gear VR, couples homes are transformed before their eyes using photo-realistic, stereo 360° visuals. Two architects plans are pitched against one anothers with the participants ultimately deciding on how to re-design their home.

While CGI images and animations have been utilised for many years in home makeover shows, this is a first for virtual reality. The benefit of VR for visualising internal spaces is it’s stereoscopic property, essentially creating a sense of scale and depth by directing imagery to both the left and right eyes. For example, if there’s an apple in the fruit bowl is next to you, it really feels as if you could touch it. If a room is 11 metres long, it should feel as though it really is that long.

If you’re interested in VR for your next project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and also see our VR tours page here; You’ll be surprised at how easy and relatively inexpensive it is to set up.

The episode of BBCs click can be seen here; with the story itself featuring at 9:35 in.