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What are 360° Images and VR?

360 Tours are virtual reality-enabled, fully immersive and interactive displays that allow clients and prospective buyers to walk through simulations of buildings and spaces that are yet to be completed.

They allow our clients to take an immersive look at their projects, whatever the scale. Whether a factory, school or new home, 360 tours allow you to navigate through the rooms of a property in daylight or at night. As well as donning a VR headset (usually a smartphone connected to cardboard viewing glasses), these can be viewed on a normal phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. With mobile devices, the gyroscopic capabilities allow users to simply move their phone around to ‘look’ around the new property.

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360° Images / VR Tours

The Haw Wood

A ground-breaking new community of original, three and four-bedroom luxury family homes, we created this 360 tour along with CGIs and two flythrough animations.

Long Meadow NW1

Long Meadow, a high spec executive home in North London gave us the opportunity to work with an interior designer to create a vibrant and exciting look.

Taw Wharf Penthouse

Pearce Homes in partnership with North Devon Homes commissioned us to create interior and exterior images for their wharf development in Barnstaple, North Devon.

CRMI Stem Cell Research

Exmoor Pharma Ltd commissioned us to create a 360° VR tour of a proposed Stem Cell research facility in Hong Kong. All the geometry and pharmaceutical props were created from scratch.

Orchard Field

360 site tour of Orchard Field, a stunning new neighbourhood of 88 sustainable homes in Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Baya Wedding Concepts

Baya Hire, event space and furniture creators, commissioned us to supply a series of conceptual images and this 360° panorama of a bespoke wedding venue in Oxfordshire.

How we Produce 360° Images

• 360° Images follow much the same workflow as Interior CGIs. We add photorealistic materials, CGI furniture and CGI props in 360° so that every direction for a viewer has something interesting for the eye.

• When you’ve approved drafts, we’ll use our in-house renderfarm to produce super-high resolution 360° CGI images. Where Stereoscopic VR is required (for use with any off-the-shelf VR headset), we render the image twice for both the left and right eyes. This gives a sense of real 3-dimensional depth and scale!

• The super high resolution ‘raw’ images created by our 3D rendering software are refined in a post processing program to adjust the white balance and contrast.

• When multiple ‘hotspots’ are required, we use specialist software to compile the images into a tour. At this stage we can add effects such as lens flares or animated flames in fireplaces. An interactive map can also be added for ease of navigation.

• The complete 360° tour can then be embedded onto a dedicated sales site or hosted with us.