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The Haw Wood South Gloucestershire

Flythrough animation of a modern, sustainable housing development near Hallen in South Gloucestershire

The Haw Wood Sustainability Video

Animation created alongside The Haw Wood marketing animation, showcasing the development’s sustainability features

Church Farm Somerset

Fly through animation of a traditionally styled development at Church Farm in Rode, Somerset for Autograph Homes


Video demonstrating the collaborative construction process for Merck and IMGCON of modular pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities

Maida Vale School

A fully CGI presentation video for Maida Vale School in West London

CRMI Research Hong Kong

A virtual animation of the proposed CRMI research facility in Hong Kong, commissioned by Exmoor Pharma

How we Produce Flythrough Animation

• Provide us with your designs and a list of key areas or a specific camera path. We’ll build a basic model and mock up some dynamic cameras, showing you a preview movie to confirm the path and areas covered.

• Once you’ve approved the massing and camera path, we’ll add lighting and use your material schedule to recreate the proposal’s design

• We’ll send over some rendered screenshots for every 25th frame of animation and once you’re happy with the general ‘look’, we’ll add detail such as people, furniture and soft landscaping

• Once we’re ready to render, we’ll issue a non-rendered wireframe movie, fully edited with, if required, animated people, credits, graphics and music.

• Once approved, we can post the job to our powerful in-house render farm which will render the thousands of frames of animation.

• These ‘raw’ animation frames are then refined in a compositing suite to balance colour and add contrast.

• The fully rendered animation is exported into a suitable file format and delivered to you. If you are hosting the video on a dedicated website, we can liaise with your design or web team to optimize for download speed and social media posting.