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Verified View Levels

Verified View (VVM), otherwise know as an Accurate View Representation (AVR), Verified Montage or simply Planning CGI is offered at different levels, depending on requirement.

Level 0

A Level 00 VVM shows a basic outline of the mass of the proposed development within the context of a photograph.

Useful for ascertaining scale and position, this is helpful as part of an outline planning application and the most modestly priced Verified View Service.

Level 1

A Level 01 Verified view takes into account the visibility of the proposal in relation to the camera position, removing areas obscured by other buildings, trees, landscape or other objects.

This gives a more complete idea of the positioning of the building relative to the background and foreground. This is widely used for visual impact assessment.

Level 2

A Level 02 VVM jumps ahead in terms of realism, showing the architectural detail of the proposal.

Using the camera’s metadata for date and time, the Geographic coordinates of the proposal and the North direction, we simulate the precise sun intensity, height and direction of the photograph.

Level 3

A Level 03 Verified View steps up in realism again, adding photo realistic materials, reflections and where obvious, interior detailing. This is suitable for sensitive planning applications where it is paramount to ensure the proposal is exemplified by the CGI.