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Exterior CGI

Whether you require a single perspective of a luxury multi-million pound property, an artist’s impression of a new hotel complex, or a high volume of exterior CGI images, street scenes and 3D site plans for your ribbon development, our in-house team has the knowledge and expertise to help. We work with clients across the UK on all scales of residential and commercial property developments.

First impressions are critical. Our eye-catching, photo-realistic external CGIs will help secure funding and sales before you even break ground. Our images will leave a lasting impression on customers, allowing them to visualise plans effectively and make the decision to invest easier.

Pairing CGI exteriors with our impressive CGI interiors, animations, 360° tours and branding and design services, you can cut out the middle man for an all in one property marketing service. Working closely with you throughout the process, we can ensure delivery is on time, brief, and within budget.

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The Benefit of CGI to Your Business

High-quality exterior CGIs go way beyond selling properties to the end buyer. They can help property developers secure additional investment to support construction and raise funding for new buildings.

Planning consultants use our external CGI images to make proposals more persuasive. They are powerful tools for architects to ensure that all stakeholders are presented with the same vision, managing expectations and making communication easier across the board.

CGI exteriors can also offer clients flexibility with styling options, such as building materials, colour, and different types of fixtures. This creative freedom allowed by advanced editing and rendering software enables architects to fully execute a customer’s vision down to the last brick.

3D exteriors can prevent costly renovations mid-build; for instance, when a client decides they want timber instead of stone cladding or windows frames painted in a different RAL colour. Even construction companies can use our images to eliminate the guesswork of having multiple sketches and documents to reference.

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Projects Featuring Exterior CGIs

Manor Road

Marketing images

Parkham Woodlea

Multiple exterior CGIs and siteplan

Mermaid Inn

Selection of marketing images

Winslade House

Marketing images

Sutton Park House

Marketing images

Mitchams Corner

Public consultation image

Holiday Inn Weston

Public consultation image

Fulwood Container Park

Single marketing image

Hampton Hilton Hotel

Single CGI for planning

How We Produce Your Exterior CGIs

• Provide us with your digital CAD files, PDF’s or even hand sketches and we’ll mock up some ‘white model’ views and send for approval. These are generally low resolution, draft quality visuals so we can render them at speed

• Once you’ve approved the camera angles and massing, we’ll refine the lighting and use your material schedule to faithfully recreate the buildings proposed design. For the best results it helps to provide us with a comprehensive material schedule. Links to manufacturers for materials like brick and cladding help us to create a more realistic architectural visualisation. Where materials are not yet specified, precedent images of similar building designs will really help us achieve the style you’re proposing.

• Once you’ve approved the basic rendering and you’re happy with the general ‘look’, we’ll add context, soft landscaping, people and cars to give the images a sense of scale and life. Again, this is an opportunity to let us know what you would like to see.

• If you’re happy, we’ll crank up our powerful in-house render farm to produce a high resolution image. We generally produce a 4K rendering which is ample for all web and print applications, but for very large print or further cropping, we can render up to 16K

• The ‘raw’ images produced by our 3D software are refined in a photo retouching program to balance colour, add contrast and are delivered to you in the format you request