Richly detailed, realistic interior visualisations are a great way of demonstrating not only a build’s scope and style, but also to show a prospective buyer something tangible and real, giving them the confidence to buy off plan. We have a vast library of 3D assets which along with realistic lighting and materials, produce convincing results. Our in house team have extensive 3D and product modelling experience meaning any bespoke fixtures or furniture can be visualised accurately.

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CGI interiors allow for unparalleled personalisation. The images of actual living spaces inside homes imbue properties with personality and character in a way that the cold geometry of floor plans or blueprints can’t even come close to .

Architectural firms can use interior visualisation to help business owners visualise their stores, restaurants, hotels, gyms, and cafes. Property developers can give marketing departments the assets they need to really increase off plan sales by presenting photo-realistic high definition images of fully-decked out homes and apartments, complete with fixtures and fittings.

CGI interiors also let clients see the impact of different building materials, and choose according to their preferred aesthetic. For instance, you might want to present a living room clad in different skins like wallpaper, decorative stone, or tiles. Alternatively, you may want to show a stakeholder different design options, enabling businesses to improve the layout and maximise the in-store experience. City planners can see how the arrangement of furniture inside public buildings like libraries affects ease-of-use and comfort.

Penthouse Bathroom
Wyvern Kitchen

Showing clients multiple options during the initial design phase saves cost in materials in the long run. Architects and contractors no longer have to pivot mid-construction when a client sees designs they like elsewhere, or realise that some elements and ideas do not translate well in reality.

CGI Interiors can be rendered in any format. This allows firms to increase the reach of their service, unlike sketches and other references that require quite some time to revise, and often require architects to meet up with clients for approval. Every element of a CGI image can be easily changed in real-time remotely, thanks to our powerful rendering software and render farm.

The experience can be made even more persuasive and impactful with virtual technology or animation. Showcase how a room’s colour theme changes the ambiance when day turns into night, or allow clients to step into the design and explore at their leisure.

How We Produce Interior CGIs

Using materials like floor plans, cross sections, product references, and furniture mood boards from clients, we create a “white model”, which is basically a bare render of the space, which will be added with features.

After clients verify that the model has correct massing and camera angles, we add texture and colour, and dive into our vast library of assets to populate the model with props like furniture, cutlery, picture frames, lamps–even greenery or landscapes visible through windows. We ensure that all 3D models and materials are finished with life-like believability.

We add in elements like natural and artificial lighting. Lighting is a powerful creative tool that can be used to evoke emotion and suffuse a room with life and warmth. Our powerful software and render farm allows for true physics when it comes to light and shading, allowing residential spaces to truly reflect how a home will look or feel and how light plays with the space during different times of the day to evoke distinct atmospheres (we can even position the sun where we want in the sky to achieve the most accurate interplay of shadow and light).

  • Provide us with your digital CAD files, PDF’s or even hand sketches. We’ll mock up some ‘white model’ views and send for approval. These are generally low resolution draft quality so we can render them at speed
  • Once you’ve approved the camera angles and massing, we’ll simulate your exact lighting designs or create our own, thoughtfully balancing natural and artificial lighting.
  • Working with your interior designer, or designing ourselves using guidance from you, we add realistic materials, furniture and props to give the spaces a sense of life and function.
  • Providing low resolution draft images for approval all the way, ultimately we’ll crank up our powerful in-house render farm to produce at high quality and resolution.
  • These ‘raw’ images are then refined in a photo retouching program to add people if required, balance colour, add contrast and subtle lighting effects and are delivered to you in a format you request.



We create architectural 3D models with physically accurate materials. These can also include 3D cars, trees and planting. These are then rendered and post processed for colour correction and to add details such as people.


Using your plans, we create detailed architectural 3D models and use your material schedules, lighting plans and interior designs to create photo-realistic interior renders. We can even model up bespoke furnishings and fittings.


For sensitive planning applications, you may need to show your development in context of a photograph. Using real-world survey / scanning techniques, we can demonstrate accuracy of the image(s) in your submission.


Using photography taken by us or supplied by you, we can match the CGI lighting and position to the source photography. Once rendered, we mask areas of the CGI to create a convincing re-imagined photograph.


For marketing, fundraising or public consultation, a fly-through animation can communicate an entire development’s scale, design and function. This can also include music, graphics and credits or be included in an overall video presentation.


We render 360° panoramas of richly detailed 3D scenes. These can then be used with 3rd party applications / plugins to create ‘street-view’ style dynamic images. These can also be rendered in stereo for use with VR headsets.