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What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is an innovative way to market your property effectively without investing in expensive interior designers or installing furniture, ornaments, and fixtures such as blinds or drapes. With virtual staging, we use advanced CGI techniques to add these details digitally to photographs of your interior spaces, creating a visually stunning representation of how the space could look if it were furnished.

One of the key advantages of virtual staging is the freedom CGI offers while maintaining a sense of realism. While virtual staging images are composed largely of CGI, a large portion of the image remains a photograph, making it more believable and relatable to potential buyers. Additionally, small details such as ever-so-slightly imperfect plaster walls, smoke alarms, or air vents, which are often missing in traditional CGI images, are included in virtual staging images. This means many potential buyers or renters won’t even notice the furniture is CGI.

Whether you’re an estate agent or developer, our virtual staging service can help you to showcase your property’s potential and attract more buyers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your property into a dream home that your clients will love.

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Virtual Staging Projects

Chesil Cliff House

The addition of high-end fixtures, fittings and furnishings for this infamous Channel 4 Grand Designs build


High-end furniture used to bring life, function and scale to these vast but empty Somerset homes

How we Produce Virtually Staged Images

• Send us the photo(s) you want to stage. Using guidance from you, we’ll ensure we reflect the vibe of your property and appeal to your target audience

• For each room, we build a skeleton model and camera-match the views. Into this we add the CGI elements and light them to match the photo.

• When you’ve approved drafts, we render high resolution images and ‘composite’ them into the photos.

• The staged images are then delivered back to you in the same resolution as the original photos!