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Off-plan sales artwork at a competitive package price

After nearly 20 years of working with some of the UK’s best housebuilders, we’ve come to be trusted with our ease of service, extremely competitive pricing and quality of work. That’s why Pearce Homes have trusted us with their property CGIs on numerous developments in the South West of England. From CGI Exteriors and Interiors to 3D Site plans, 3D Floorplans and VR tours or animations, we tailor packages of imagery that wow stakeholders and sell property while keeping investors happy with our competitive pricing.

Pearce Homes Property Brochures

Why more content is better value

Needless to say, if you’re showing each house or house-type in your brochure or on your sales website, that’s going to generate more interest, as prospective buyers don’t need to visualise their specific plot based on a precedent visualisation of your show home or street scene.

A development generally consists of a variety of  plot types. Some are larger or better specified than others. Some have slight variations in the design, but generally speaking, the materials and massing of a development have consistency throughout. From a visualisers perspective, this means the work required to produce more imagery gets less intensive.

For example, upon modelling and texturing a single dwelling, say ‘Plot 1’, the elements such as windows, doors, canopies or chimney breasts are created in 3D. As are the materials such as stone, brick and slate. Therefore creating ‘Plot 2′, if anywhere near similar, can be a case of copy and pasting many features. Magnify this principle onto an entire development and you can see why we can produce more, for less.

If we’re showing new homes throughout a development, it makes sense for us to model the site. This not only means we can create a richly detailed 3D siteplan, but that any angle we choose to render the perspective from captures a realistic context. The surrounding plots or foliage, level changes and accesses will read accurately in the visual. Many visuals seen on Rightmove or Zoopla have generic treelined backdrops because they’ve not been created with the site, which, while idyllic, may cause friction down the line once buyers see their homes’ true context.

3D Site plan for Roundswell, Barnstaple

Going further

So we’ve created a site and all it’s plots in 3D, fully textured with realistic materials. We can put ‘cameras’ anywhere. They can capture street scenes, public realms, be animated and edited into a flythrough or rendered as 360° images ready for VR tours. We can even put cameras inside one of the spacious kitchen diners looking out into the garden. (Granted, we would need to detail the interior), however the bulk of the work is already done.

Roundswell Property Brochure

In Conclusion

If you’re thinking about commissioning some 3D, speak to us about how we can get the most out of the models we create for you. We price each job on it’s own merit and pride ourselves on our personal, family run business model. We only use freelancers to create our models. All lighting, detail, rendering, post processing and client handover is done by us, in house. Talk to us about your CGI requirements here.